Lane Sisters Movies

lane sisters movies

lane sisters movies

The other day my sister Roxy Lane and went to the gym, and as soon as I set foot inside, I saw a hell of a gorgeous male specimen. Roxy asked if I knew him and I said his name is Jack. How could we have presented above? Probably wanted him to herself. We did a little exercise under the supervision of Jack, but soon, we wanted to test his manhood. We take turns to take his cock in her mouth, but Jack is so great that neither my sister nor I managed to swallow it whole. We share your magnificent cock, giving a double blowjob as he lifted weights. On seeing his muscular body, strong in action made me very wet and I kept going at it until he was ready to cum. He stood up and dumped huge loads of cum on our faces. Delicious! We can not wait for the next training session with Jack! See all lane sisters movies right now!

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